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InPhase Signs Reseller

LONGMONT, Colo. -- InPhase Technologies, the worlds leader in holographic data storage, today announced that it has signed ISSI Data, a leading provider of storage products and solutions for businesses and government, as a corporate reseller for the company’s Tapestry™ 300R holographic storage products. Under terms of the agreement, ISSI Data will sell the InPhase Tapestry drives and media to its many enterprise and government customers. ISSI Data counts Microsoft, Countrywide Financial, and Lockheed Martin as key customers. The company is already listing the InPhase Tapestry 300R drive and media on its Web site at

“We have been following holographic storage for a number of years, and have received interest from a number of customers for this type of solution, and we are very pleased to work with InPhase to bring the Tapestry product to market,” said Charlie Walsh, CEO of ISSI Data. “The ISSI Data team continually watches the market for next-generation technologies on behalf of our customers. We believe the high-capacity, long-life characteristics of the InPhase product will be very valuable to many of our corporate and government accounts as an archival solution. This technology represents the next phase of archival storage, and we are excited to be involved in this new market.”

InPhase will provide volume shipments of both the Tapestry 300R drive, and holographic media, in the second half of 2007. The Tapestry 300R drive will store 300 gigabytes (GB) of information on a single 5 ¼-inch disc, at a transfer rate of 20 megabytes per second (MB/s), or 160 megabits per second (Mb/s), to deliver the highest-capacity optical storage solution on the market.

“We are moving forward aggressively with our program of engagement with the leading I.T. resellers in the industry, and ISSI Data is ideally positioned to resell our holographic storage solutions,” said Art Rancis, vice president of sales for InPhase Technologies. “As leading enterprises begin to recognize the value of high-density, high-capacity, rapid-access optical storage, the reseller market will fulfill the reality of the holographic vision with real market solutions for today’s data needs.”

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