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Infortrend Announces SANWatch

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- RAID storage expert Infortrend today unveiled its new snapshot software designed exclusively for its line of EonStor® RAID subsystems. Called SANWatch™, this new integrated software platform provides instantaneous point-in-time “snapshot” copies of data that look and behave like complete backups without consuming equivalent disk space. EonStor arrays equipped with SANWatch will further protect stored data from accidental or malicious loss, quickly perform data recovery, and easily retrieve lost data with minimum interference to system performance and I/O access. Snapshot images are ideal for various applications including backup, application testing or development, information analysis, and data mining.

SANWatch is designed to work seamlessly on the latest EonStor ASIC400 subsystems, providing an efficient, integrated storage solution that will improve data protection with minor system impact. By using SANWatch on Infortrend’s feature-rich arrays, users will be able to manage their storage systems and data operations without having to install several, separate software applications. Its flexible license fee model will allow customers to choose functionalities suited to their needs and cost considerations, thereby simplifying data management and meeting budget requirements.

“Effective storage management and robust data protection are essential to ensuring that business-critical data is always available,” said Quote Lin, Senior Marketing Director of Infortrend Technology Inc. “Infortrend’s SANWatch will combine a modular software platform equipped with complete array management and integrated data services that satisfies growing business needs for data safety and availability.”

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