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InfiniBand Hits the Accelerator

The long-term roadmap for InfiniBand is starting to take shape, with high-speed switches and adapters grabbing attention at the International Supercomputer Conference in Dresden, Germany, this week.

First up is Voltaire, which announced plans to develop a 40-Gbit/s switch based on high-speed silicon from Mellanox today.

Voltaires first 40-Gbit/s Quad Data Rate (QDR) switches will be available in late 2008, and the vendor is already touting the technology as a way for users to boost high-performance applications.

”The requirement for server I/O keeps rising with the higher capabilities that servers are getting,” says Asaf Somekh, Voltaire’s vice president of strategic alliances. “You see more and more cores going into processors -- and faster and faster cores.”

The vendor also expects that 40-Gbit/s InfiniBand will eventually push the interconnect out of its HPC niche, driven largely by the growing popularity of solid state disks (SSDs) and entertainment applications such as video on demand.

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