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Inbox Overwhelmed? Declare 'E-Mail Bankruptcy'

On any given day, we'll open up our inboxes and find them swamped. And let's be honest here, sometimes the valid e-mails are no more wanted than the SPAM. Hell, sometimes they outnumber the e-garbage. It's getting so bad that some folks are taking a most drastic measure -- declaring 'e-mail bankruptcy.'

New Zealand based Stuff reports that many IT professionals are becoming so overwhelmed by the contents of their inboxes, they're deleting every single message and starting all over again. Even more shocking--they're opting to use a telephone as their main means of communication.

Personally, I really don't understand what the fuss is all about -- I've never had any problems managing my e-mail. Every morning I follow the same routine: dump all the SPAM, plus any messages from my boss and my wife. My inbox is always nice and tidy.

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