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Illumita Rebrands as Skytap

SEATTLE -- Skytap, the leading provider of cloud-based virtualization solutions, today revealed its vision for the next generation of offerings that harness the power of virtualized infrastructure. The company has announced limited availability of its first product offering, Skytap Virtual Lab, a virtual lab automation solution available as an on-demand service over the Web. The company, formerly known as illumita, has also changed its name to Skytap.

Skytap provides customers with cloud-based services that enable them to capitalize on the wave of virtualization technology sweeping the industry,” said Scott Roza, chief executive officer of Skytap. “Cloud computing is gaining traction because a growing percentage of companies are demanding solutions that deliver value quickly, scale with business need, and don’t have the risk of an in-house implementation. Skytap’s Virtual Lab, which combines cloud-based virtualized infrastructure with an industry leading lab automation application, has tremendous potential to improve the timely delivery of quality applications to the business while increasing lab efficiency and lowering cost.”

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