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iland Offers Cloud Hosting

HOUSTON -- iland Internet Solutions (, a leading global provider of Hosted VMware VI Enterprise solutions, Managed Colocation and High Speed IP Bandwidth, introduces their iland Cloud Services (iCS) for companies looking to defray infrastructure costs and to stabilize monthly IT budgets.

Through iCS, iland can create a snapshot of a customers physical environment and then encapsulate these systems and applications into virtual machines to enable consolidation of workloads from underutilized servers and replicate them on to high availability VMware Server Clusters, to achieve higher utilization. This allows customers to decrease equipment costs by using fewer devices, easing power and space requirements within their network data center(s).

Customers can also quickly add capacity on-demand and distribute multiple and diverse applications across iland's High Availability Data Center Hubs. iland is uniquely positioned in the market by offering hybrid hosting solutions including virtual servers, colocation, managed storage, and high speed IP using its existing geographically dispersed data center footprint.

Additionally, iCS clients who host applications on iland’s fault tolerant platform save on IT expenditures. The fault tolerant platform is redundant at every level; from redundant 10GigE IP connections, dual power supplies and generators to redundant SANs providing SAN to SAN replication across multiple data centers. iland customers no longer have to pay to build out their own high end/high quality platform, iland’s offering allows their clients to utilize the latest in new technology with brand new equipment and resources.

With this fault tolerant platform, iland technicians can provision new servers within hours, versus weeks or months as in traditional IT environments.

Unlike other cloud hosting providers, iland supports a variety of enterprise applications running on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and SAP, and offers the ability to lease operating systems, further reducing capital expenditures to free up cash flow for company’s to invest money elsewhere. Additionally, iland Engineers are available to help determine the best architecture for the client’s organization, thereby reducing the downtime risk and the need for additional, on-site IT staff thus providing quick returns on IT investments.

“As the cost of data center space, support and power continue to rise relative to the total cost of ownership, the ability to migrate underutilized physical server capacity to virtual server clouds translates into significant savings,” states Scott Sparvero, CEO of iland Internet Solutions. “And with less physical servers and storage, our customers save on fewer data center racks, less heating and cooling costs, and enjoy ease of overall management. In these competitive times, these reduced costs can translate into more available CAPEX for our customers’ businesses. We have seen our customers reduce their physical data center requirements over ten fold.”