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If you give them the specs, they will code to them...

Apparently this year's O'Reilly Emerging Tech conference sported a few ...side shows.
In an amazing display of ingenuity, or perhaps just the best example why one does not provide interface specifications to the general public, a bunch of geeks modded their iRobot Roombas and staged digital cockfights at the conference.

Money. USB devices. Bets galore. Pens and digital cameras were attached to Roombas and then pitted one against the other in lethal vaccuum cleaner death matches.

The makers of Roomba, iRobot released the instructions to upgrade your Roomba in preparation for programming its command interface.

If only I could get the specs for my Robosapien as well. Robozilla vs Roomba. Now that would be a digital death match worth seeing.