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Identity Theft Has Gone to the Dogs

For Afonwen Welch Fusilier, identity theft has never been a concern. On any given day, the biggest worries in his life are who was going to feed him, rub his belly and open the door for bathroom breaks. Afonwen, you see, is a prize-winning poodle owned by Lynne Day of North Wales. Lynne recently posted Afonwen's details online, only to discover later on that some crook had pilched the info and reposted it claiming Afonwen was his pooch--and the proud papa of a litter of purebreds.

The fruit of Afonwen's canine loins would not come cheap, and the perp was offering the phantom pups for approximately $2,400 (£1,000) to dog enthusiasts and anyone interested. Fortunately, someone alerted Lynne, who in turn flagged the authorities and posted a warning to anyone who was considering contacting the thief.

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