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IBM Preps Disk Encryption Dive

ORLANDO, Fla. -- IBM will soon extend the encryption features found in its tape libraries into disk arrays and servers, according to Clodoaldo Barrera, chief technical strategist in the vendors systems and technology group.

”Our intention is to take that same data-at-rest [encryption] capability that we have today for tape and apply it to disk arrays and drives embedded within servers,” Barrera told Byte and Switch. “You will see some announcements from us this year.”

This will effectively take the encryption found in the vendor’s TS1120 tape library and extend it to IBM’s DS range of disk storage systems.

Last October IBM conducted a demonstration of full disk encryption with Seagate and LSI, so it seems likely that this partnership will form the basis of IBM’s future encryption efforts.

”We have designs that we’re working on for the disk arrays that exploit encryption on the drive itself,” said Barrera. “We think that’s a good way to do it because it can be done at low cost.”

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