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IBM Announces 8-Gig 'Super Director'

IBM unveiled its first "super director" to support 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel as part of a major hardware refresh today.

Aimed at high-performance computing and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCOE), the 8 Gbit/s SAN768B is being touted as a core component in IBM's long-term data center strategy.

"[The director] is more of a future-looking statement -- there's not a lot of 8 Gig infrastructure out there today, but were moving in that direction," says Charlie Andrews, worldwide marketing manager of IBM's systems storage division.

The SAN768B, which is OEM'd from Brocade, offers double the data transfer rate of its predecessor, the 4 Gbit/s SAN256B. Andrews explained that the SAN768B will also benefit from Brocade's $973 million acquisition of McData, which was completed just over a year ago.

"This is their first high-end director that will interoperate with the previous McData infrastructure," he says, adding that Brocade and McData directors can now be linked in a Fibre Channel SAN.

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