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I Call 'Em As I See 'Em

My wife owns an approximately one-year old IBM ThinkPad. It's a nice notebook: 15-in. screen, on-board wireless and Ethernet cards. The ThinkPad also has a modem, interchangeable CD-ROM and 3-1/2-in. floppy drives.

She lives on the computer. Especially since we have wireless Ethernet in the house. She takes her computer to bed, to the kitchen table, to the porch and everywhere in between. She does her e-mail. She does her E-Bay. She does her IM.

The other day, right before a business trip, her monitor on the ThinkPad died. It was a horrible death. The computer writhed and squirmed as it was going though its death throes. I immediately began emergency computer treatment, but after hours of conniving, and swearing, the patient died.

Fortunately, we had an extra external monitor around and I was able to hook it up to the external monitor port. The day, or should I say the weekend was saved. She was able to use her computer.

On my return from the trip I called IBM Technical Support. After the obligatory voice menus, I was happy to speak to a human. I told him my tale of woe, provided him with the model and serial number and he said that a pre-paid box would be ship the next day, and I should get it the day after.

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