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Hybrid Storage Hype

As I write this, we are in the closing weeks of what has been a busy and dynamic year on many fronts in and around the storage industry ecosystem.

Decembers are always busy with month-end, quarter-end, year-end deadlines as well as holiday shopping. And for those of you in sales or marketing, there's the all-too-frequent battle cry about it being the most important month in the most important quarter of your company's history!

Not to be outdone during this busy time of year, the storage industry is taking some cues from consumer electronics and other mass-market segments by embracing the hybrid craze.

Let's dwell for a moment on the concept. Like multi-function or all-in-one printer/copier/fax/scanner devices, multi-function multi-protocol or combo storage systems (aka unified, federated, etc.) can be generically described as storage solutions or management software packages that do more than one thing, hopefully with "ease of use at an affordable price."

Now, storage means different things to different folks. Consider what I found when I spent a few minutes searching "hybrid storage" earlier today. Indeed, I found many items for my new wish list:

  • There's the dual-bay, dual-zone temperature- and humidity-controlled large-capacity low-power-consumption wine cellar/storage system.
  • There's a really nice multi-slot, expandable-to-accept-various-media-format home entertainment DVD cum CD storage system.
  • There's a self-storage facility with a special: When you pay the first month's rent in advance, you get 24x7 security, combined with WiFi. Now, this has the makings of a new remote mini-data center!
  • A must-have for the 2007 show and conference circuit is the gas- or electrically-powered Cruizin Cooler that can double as a form of transportation as well as a resting place for "Death by Powerpoint" or “Uhi Gui" demos.
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