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HP Works With Fusion-IO

LAS VEGAS -- Fusion-io, a leader in solid-state architecture and high-performance input/output (I/O) solutions, is working with HP to accelerate enterprise server application performance using its innovative I/O storage technology. The two companies are adapting Fusion-ios ioMemory architecture, which transforms data centers by dramatically improving data access performance, physical space usage and energy efficiency, to HP’s enterprise-class servers including the industry-leading HP BladeSystem c-Class system.

“Fusion-io’s work with HP is an acknowledgment of the benefits of a solid-state storage solution that addresses latency and bottlenecks at the server level,” said Don Basile, CEO of Fusion-io. “Adapting this technology specifically for HP servers offers radical increases in associated performance for a broad range of applications and workloads and can dramatically improve the effectiveness of data center architectures. With our ioMemory architecture, we’re getting more than 200,000 IOPS within HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades today. So, working together with HP was the natural place to begin building upon our next generation technology.”

Fusion-io Inc.