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HP Joins Consortium

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Further demonstrating broad momentum and adoption of HyperTransport interconnect technology, the HyperTransport Technology Consortium today announced that HP has joined the non-profit standards body at the highest membership class – Promoter level.

As a Promoter Member, HP has a seat on the Consortium’s Board of Directors and takes active part in the Executive Committee’s decision-making on HyperTransport’s technical and market direction while leveraging the widest range of technical and marketing services offered by the Consortium.

HP is the latest member among 21 commercial organizations and eight academic institutions worldwide that have joined the HyperTransport Consortium during the past 12 months.

With HP, the Consortium will continue to enable the rapid deployment of HyperTransport technology-based systems in the enterprise market, which relies heavily on the technology’s ability to deliver the industry’s lowest latency using a cost-effective, standard solution.

“HP’s leadership role in the enterprise server market gives the company valuable insight into future technology directions,” said Mario Cavalli, general manager of the HyperTransport Consortium. "HP’s wide adoption of HyperTransport technology in the form of HyperTransport-based AMD processors and the high-performance HyperTransport HTX connector, combined with its top-level Consortium membership and participation, proves the on-going momentum of the HyperTransport standard.”

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