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How A Trigger Set Off A Logic Bomb At UBS PaineWebber

A forensics investigator testifying at the computer sabotage trial of a former systems administrator for UBS PaineWebber last week gave the jury an inside look at the trigger to the logic bomb that wreaked havoc on the UBS trading network in 2002.

Keith Jones, director of computer forensics and incident response at Mandiant, drilled into key elements of the logic flow underlying the trigger. The defendant, Roger Duronio, was a three-year employee of UBS who quit weeks before the bomb went off. The prosecution contends he was disgruntled and set off the logic bomb to seek revenge for a short bonus that year.

"wait_tst.c.txt" is the original name of the source code.

The line that says "time_t Clock;" was setting up storage space on the server on which the trigger was planted.

The line "while(TRUE) {" keeps the trigger running and prompts a logic flow of questions (when this is true, do this, etc.)

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