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How To Punish Spammers

The Lighter Side
How To Punish Spammers

Will spam ever subside? Don't count on it. After a couple of month's of slipping spam rates, junk mail was on the way up again last month. The numbers are staggering: spam accounted for 73 percent of all mail sent during February, according to message filtering company Postini.

And the crazy thing is, even with all the awareness about spam these days, it still works. A recent pump-and-dump email spam scheme -- where spammers touted a stock in an email spam blast -- found the stocks went up 1.7% on the day the messages were delivered.

At NWC, we've tried to help our readers out of this mess by doing one of the most comprehensive reviews/tests of email filters available. If you're trying to figure out how to keep spam out of your employee's inboxes, that article is worth a close read.

But sometimes, the best you can do is scream at the heavens. So we asked our readers to help us craft the "Top 11 Punishments We'd Like to See For Spammers." A few of our favorites:

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