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How does the Web work?

Something tells me the folks running the Official Athens 2004 website may be somewhat unfamiliar with the whole concept of the World-Wide Web. Consider the site's inbound linking policy, which states:

For your protection and ours we have established a procedure for parties wishing to introduce a link to the ATHENS 2004 website on their site.

For our protection? Is there some sort of reverse lookup boobie trap business going on here?
They go on:

In order to place a link embedded in copy interested parties should:

  1. Use the term ATHENS 2004 only, and no other term as the text referent
  2. Not associate the link with any image, esp. the ATHENS 2004 Emblem (see paragraph below)
  3. Send a request letter to the Internet Department stating:
    • Short description of site
  • 1