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Hot Time in the Old Town

Well, we had a heck of a day yesterday.
Temperatures in the NWC Inc. lab got all the way up to a high of 86 degrees when I opened the door in the morning. I shut down most of the equipment in the Green Bay Real World Lab section of our facility, and got on the phone with our realty management company. A call to the air conditioning repair guy yielded a friendly service tech in about an hour.
It appears that our air conditioning unit was low on freon, and had iced up. Iced up to the tune of three or four inches of ice. Our service tech, Tom, used the patened Smoke Wrench (a propane torch) to melt most of the ice. Then he recharged the freon, and we were good to go. No more Data Center Sauna for us.
This morning things seems to be working fine. I will keep you posted if anything changes.