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Hot Apps: JAJAH For Phone-To-Phone VoIP

Throw away your long-distance telephone bills and computer headsets. Well, almost. I've looked at computer telephony services in recent years, and the just-released update from upstart JAJAH is my personal choice. It's incredibly easy to use: enter phone numbers for you and your destination, then click a button. Your phone rings. Pick it up and talk.

Simplicity is the rule for JAJAH, which reduces VoIP calling to little money and even less effort.

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So it comes down to money, at which JAJAH excels. After your first five free minutes of test driving, you must register (no charge). Then, there are no or minimal charges for either POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) or mobile calls to more than 100 destinations. Most of the countries I call cost no more than zero to 2.5 cents per minute -- far less than my phone company charges just for the privilege of calling locally. (And, yes, I can make a local call for free with JAJAH.) If you call more esoteric destinations, check JAJAH's Web site for the latest rates. If you have an impulse to call a mobile phone in, say, Iraq, expect 65 cents per minute.

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