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Hospital Slashes Storage With Digital Archive

Gwinnett Medical Center in Gwinnett, Georgia, has slashed diagnosis times and freed up thousands of square feet of storage space by deploying an ambitious digital archive system.

The hospital and its four acute care centers generate almost a half a million images a year encompassing X-rays, MRIs, and cardiology images, a process which creates vast volumes of physical data.

"Three years ago, for X-rays and MRIs, we were printing film and putting that in a library, says Rick Allen, Gwinnett's assistant vice president of information systems, explaining that other image-based medical records were also in paper format. Ultrasound and cardiology images were stored, respectively, on optical storage and DVDs.

The hassle of managing and storing all these different data formats prompted Gwinnett to deploy a Medical Archive Solution (MAS) from HP, which now serves as the Medical Center’s core digital archive.

More and more hospitals are now deploying what are known as Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), driven by increasingly stringent compliance requirements and rapidly expanding volumes of data.

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