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"Hi, I'm Bob, and I'm an E-mailholic"

You've seen them. You may even be one of them: the glassy-eyed zombies roaming the streets as they punch away at their BlackBerrys; the co-workers or family members cemented in front of their desktops, clicking incessantly on the "check for new mail" icon. They are e-mail addicts--people desperately afraid they'll miss some crucial work-related information if they aren't constantly connected. It doesn't matter if it's the weekend, vacation or someone else's computer--they need to check. Fortunately, there's help.

Motivational speaker and coach Marsha Egan has created a 12-step program designed to help free people from the shackles of e-mail obsession. The program begins with that first major step--admitting that e-mail manages you, not vice versa. Once you can face that horrible truth, you're well on your way through the next 11 steps and overcoming your e-habit.

If you think you need to break out of the inbox, visit Marsha's Web site and order her program. (Ironically, the program is e-mailed to you--hopefully it's your last one for a while).