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Hi there, I just thought I'd drop in and let you know that Network Computing has a security editor again... Me.
You may have read some of my stuff when I was testing Storage and Servers, you may have even emailed back and forth with me about my quirky storage blogging. Or you may remember me as "That guy we fired for..." Oh, no, nevermind. You wouldn't remember me as that.
Quick stuff about the guy that will be offering you security advice - I worked in IT in various roles (app dev, admin, architecture, management) and for various size companies (six person startup to fortune 1Ks) from 1991 to 2004, when I came on NWC staff full-time.

Security is both hobby and passion with me, and I've done it professionally too. I think that probably showed through when I took on the Storage Security topics last year - expect some more of that, I think Storage Insecurity is a better name for it, and I'd like to find viable ways for us to make it better.

I'm into things that allow us to remove the hardcoded usernames and passwords from our internally developed code, and things that control database access as much as I'm into IPS/IDS/NAC/etc. It should be interesting covering the gamut, because like most of you, when I was doing it I concentrated on the things we needed to get the job done, not the broad spectrum.

I won't ramble any more, I'll save that for after the next couple of weeks while I get my feet under me and get set up in my new role. I've got some storage articles to finish out, then you'll hear from me more.

Until then,