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Harvey Mudd Picks Reldata

PARSIPPANY, N.J. -- RELDATA, the leading supplier of a new generation of consolidated storage solutions, today announced that Harvey Mudd College (HMC), one of the premier math, science and engineering institutions in the United States, has chosen RELDATA 9240 Unified Storage Systems to satisfy the comprehensive storage needs of the schools versatile IT infrastructure.

“RELDATA was the first vendor capable of delivering exactly what we were looking for,” said Andy Davenport, Systems and Networks Group Leader at HMC. “For a long time, we were almost certainly an appropriate candidate for a medium-sized Fibre Channel SAN, but we were put off by the overall price and the per-gigabyte licensing policy of the large SAN vendors. Everything favors iSCSI in the long run, and with the emergence of 10Gb IP (Ethernet), we have enough headroom to scale. RELDATA has delivered a genuinely innovative product at an extremely competitive price.”

The RELDATA 9240 Unified Storage Systems at HMC include 9240 controllers in an active-active failover configuration, RELvos™ 2.1 virtualization software for enterprise-class unified storage services, 10GbE network connectivity, and RELDATA SAS disk. RELvos delivers enterprise-class iSCSI SAN, NAS (CIFS/NFS), and a comprehensive set of backup and replication features from a single high-availability platform.

“One of the things that has impressed me most about the system is that RELDATA really does deliver a fully comprehensive feature set without extra cost add-ons,” said Davenport. “The 9240/RELvos product has a lot of features, but thanks to the logical layout of the management interface, we were able to complete the installation without on-site support from RELDATA, even though it was enthusiastically offered.”

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