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Happy Birthday Yahoo!

Things certainly have changed for the website once known as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web." Back in 1995, two Stanford University students -- David Filo and Jerry Yang -- were looking for a way to organize their website interests. Not long after changing their creation's name to the shorter and catchier "Yahoo," the guys were contacted by venture capitalist firm Sequoia Capital in April 1995. $2 million in initial funding later -- well, the rest as they say is history.

Yahoo's ten years have seen the rise and fall of the industry, challenge to their Web authority from their 'Googly' rival and much more -- but the site with the 'rude, uncouth name' has managed to weather it all, and plans to do so for another ten years -- and more.

For some extra Yahoo nostalgia, check out this link which offers a glimpse of what the site looked like when it first came on the scene.

(Our thanks to the fine folks at for reminding us about Yahoo's Birthday.)