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greenBytes Launches Cypress

WESTERLEY, R.I. -- greenBytes, a developer of next-generation data storage solutions, today announced Cypress™, the most efficient data storage system available on the market. An ultra high-efficiency NAS (network attached storage) appliance for archiving long-term, persistent data, Cypress cuts the energy consumption associated with data storage by up to 80 percent, enabling corporations to manage their mission-critical information more economically, effectively and ecologically than ever before.

greenBytes innovation starts with a clean-slate design of a new file operating system, ZFS+®. ZFS+ represents one of the first proprietary products derived from Sun Microsystems’ OpenSolaris™ operating system. ZFS+ is the only enterprise-scale file system that has fundamental properties of storage efficiency: real-time de-duplication, block-level compression and intelligent power management.

greenBytes has combined an optimized version of Sun Microsystems’ Sun Fire™ x4540 storage server with ZFS+ to deliver an innovative suite of storage technologies in one compact, inexpensive 4U package. The only system for data archiving built on a non-proprietary platform, Cypress brings together MAID (massive array of idle disks) technology and real-time data de-duplication to achieve dramatic reductions in the space, power, time and money required to store persistent data. In addition to supporting file sharing architectures for both Windows and Unix operating systems (CIFS/NFS), Cypress also supports iSCSI target protocols, making Cypress the world’s first real-time, on-line de-duplicating SAN.

“With the introduction of Cypress, greenBytes joins a handful of other innovative vendors in the storage industry competing for the customer’s dollar with offers of maximum capacity, minimum space utilization, and optimal power utilization,” said Jeff Boles, senior analyst and director, validation services, The Taneja Group. “The difference is that Cypress’ solution represents a giant leap forward by coupling together a number of technologies that are difficult to find in a single solution set. Individually, these technologies – including a best-in-class file system with robust data protection, MAID, de-duplication, and wire-speed compression – represent some of the most highly regarded innovations in the storage industry. By combining these together, Cypress’ value proposition will be absolutely compelling compared to “either/or” offerings in the market, and will help customers maximize their capacity per dollar, realize tangible power and cooling benefits, and better execute their long-term storage strategies.”

greenBytes Inc.