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GreenBorder Pro

Most software that protects against malware uses a signature-based approach that tries to catalog all bad software so that it can be recognized. This has become an incredible challenge as the pace of malware creation quickens.

GreenBorder provides a "sandbox" to protect your system from malware.

GreenBorder Pro from GreenBorder, Inc. takes a different approach, running programs and files that come from untrusted sources inside a "sandbox" that walls them off from the rest of the system. This makes it ideal for use with the notoriously insecure Internet Explorer.

Once GreenBorder is installed, it takes a snapshot of your system setup when it starts. Any program run inside GreenBorder makes its changes only to that snapshot, not to the actual system configuration. Even if an attacker is able to use an exploit that could potentially compromise system files, those changes are made only to the copy. As soon as you exit and reset GreenBorder, the changes disappear.

GreenBorder's tray icon provides status indications and a menu for changing options. A green border around any Internet Explorer window that you launch indicates that protection is in effect.

Working In GreenBorder
You do have to get used to how GreenBorder operates. For example, when you browse with GreenBorder in Internet Explorer, it silently blocks the installation of ActiveX controls such as the Macromedia Flash viewer. This can be somewhat confusing, since there is no information about why the installation failed.

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