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The Great DB2 Data Import

The Great DB2 Data Import has finally come to a close. That's right, all the data's in! W00t!
Steve was joined by our friends Mike and Jason, who assisted in the racking of some beefy - I'm talking BEEFY - Compaq servers to which DB2 will be migrated and our general ledger software will be installed. Since the software arrived this morning, that was a good thing.
It was late in the day when I got to install the software and was once again reminded how horrible it can be to configure software. All I will say about that is BCP.EXE?? If you knew up front that you required additional tools then why isn't that specified somewhere? I read the release notes and the manual. There is no mention of this anywhere and contrary to my children's beliefs I am not psychic! So I installed the SQL server client tools on the machine because that's apparently where BCP.EXE resides. The software stopped complaining about BCP.EXE and is complaining about something else. We'll see Monday what that's all about.
I'll bet you've noticed that I haven't mentioned what software we're using for our general ledger. That's something I'm saving for the article. But to make up for not telling you now about it, I'll tell you something I won't write in the article: I have a wire tie from a length of cat5 holding the buttons together on the ends of one of my sleeves. The buttons were ripped off while trying to rack one of those beefy Compaq servers. Hardware installation can be brutal.