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Google's Creative Block

6:00 PM -- Dont take your next system crash to heart -- it can happen to anyone. Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), arguably the most hyped company in the world at the moment, is clearly subject to the type of technology problems that dog the rest of us. Barely a week seems to go by without the search engine giant rolling out some weird and wonderful new service, although Google’s latest offering, Page Creator, proves that, even in Mountain View, things don't always go according to plan.

Google Page Creator is a free online tool that lets GMail users create their own Web pages. The idea is that users can create a Web page in their own browser and publish it via Page Creator, which also offers up to 100 megabytes of storage space.

But, there’s a catch. A note on the newly launched Page Creator homepage warns that, due to heavy demand, Google is unable to offer any new accounts, at least for the time being. Instead, users are being asked to add their email addresses to a waiting list.

Could this be the first public example of the data strain that Google is suffering? (See Google Groans Under Data Strain.) Or has Google quite literally become a victim of its own success, struggling to cope as a horde of users clamor to get their hands on one of its beta services? It's the sort of problem that other content supersites would love to have, but it's a problem all the same.

Sounds like it's time to push a couple dozen more LUNs into service.

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