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Google Goes Green in Iowa

After months of speculation, Google has confirmed that Council Bluffs, Iowa, will be the site of its latest data center, bringing around 200 jobs to the local area -- along with an influx of data center equipment, including storage gear.

Council Bluffs, which is just across the state line from Omaha, Neb., now joins the growing list of Google data centers dotted around the globe. Details of that list are still sketchy, although some estimates suggest Google has a presence in at least 16 U.S states, as well as overseas data centers in Ireland and Belgium. (See Tracking Google's IT Booty and Gettin Googly.)

Precise details about Google's technology infrastructure remain hard to come by, though the firm recently revealed how it built a repository called BigTable to store server and drive performance data. (See Google.)

BigTable is built on top of the Google File System (GFS), which is essentially the firm's storage backbone and consists of thousands of inexpensive commodity storage devices clustered to share large, multi-Gbyte files. (See Storage Gets Scattered.)

At least some of those devices will be housed at Council Bluffs, which is expected to be operational by 2009.

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