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The Good, The Bad and the way too real

Exchange stopped working again. I thought perhaps it was connectivity issues with our ADS server, so I did what any good MS network admin does: I rebooted the ADS server, waited five minutes, and then rebooted the mail server.
It didn't help. With the traditional fix failing, I started digging a bit more. The MTA stack service was failing because .... there was less than 10MB disk space on the drive where the MTADATA directory resides. Ah ha! So let's make some room. Start by deleting the 3GB Exchange server install log file. Clean up the temp directories, empty the recycle bin. Still not enough room. After twenty minutes of removing everything that wasn't absolutely necessary (who needs Media Player on a server??) and moving the IIS root directories to a larger drive, the MTA stack service started and Exchange went "Wow! I can run." Note to self: reinstall Exchange on a disk with more space.
Our Axis network video camera came in late yesterday afternoon. All I can say is, "Wow." Talk about clarity and control. Easy only begins to describe how quick the installation was. Being completely web controlled helps, of course. We set it up (you can't have access just yet) and I tested it out remotely. Over GBE the streaming video was unbelievably high quality, but would it be as good over my 768kbps DSL? Not quite, but it was certainly head and shoulders above other network video I've seen. Control was less smooth, of course, but panning and zooming worked fine and I was able to zoom in and read some notes I'd left on the table in the lab. I'll get it configured shortly and get a link up to it so you can play around with it. It's definitely one amazing little camera.