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Globalstor Targets Recording

CHATSWORTH -- Globalstor Data Corporation, a leading OEM Integrator of high performance RAID, SAN and storage/video servers, proudly introduces the iTrax, with a wide range of servers designed and optimized for every level of professional audio recording.

Built on the same solid foundation the ExtremeStor series of high-end servers was developed under, with a solid state 64-bit iSCSI + NAS operating system, the iTrax extends Globalstors popular line of ExtremeStor products by offering multi-room recording facilities a flexible, secure and competitively-priced solution that allows multi-user access to consolidated, centralized and fully searchable data.

“With the ExtremeStor-iTrax, Globalstor introduces the same technology used by Jet Propulsion Labs and NASA to professional audio recording,” says Scott Leif, president of Globalstor Data. “Our development of iSCSI- and NAS-based solutions has opened new doors in the production, organization and storage of the music industry’s singular asset. The evolution of recording facilities—both commercial and private—has been set in motion with iTrax.”

Globalstor Data Corp.