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Get Ready for the RFID Wave


But scanning over radio waves has its trade-offs. A pallet of paper products (like bathroom tissue) is relatively easy to scan because paper does not interfere with radio waves. But RFID tagging a pallet of canned soda is not as simple because metals reflect radio waves and liquids absorb them.

Generation 2 RFID tags that comply with EPCglobal's Electronic Product Code (EPC) standards for RFID (released last December) are only now becoming available. If you have not yet invested in tags, hold off for another couple of months. By then, tag standards probably will be refined and tag prices may be lower.

Get Ready To Tag

How can you prepare for RFID today? First, assess your organization's supply chain and the basic processes driving it. Most companies that have begun tagging agree that the real benefits of RFID do not come with "slap and ship" deployment methods, where you slap on the labels and ship the products without using the data for detailed inventory or resource planning. Instead, evaluate your underlying business processes and make changes and improvements as necessary to take advantage of RFID technology.

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