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Gear6 Unveils Cachefx

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Gear6, accelerating storage for real time application performance, today unveiled the CACHEfx line of scalable caching appliances, the world’s first terabyte-scale caching products that dramatically accelerate response times and throughput for a wide variety of demanding, cross-industry enterprise applications. Available now, CACHEfx appliances complement existing network attached storage (NAS) by centralizing a massive pool of coherent memory that serves data 10-to-50 times faster than mechanical disks, eliminating I/O bottlenecks and “hotspots.” Gear6 centralized storage caching solutions deploy transparently in the data center to preserve current infrastructure, applications, file systems, and storage management software. Leading enterprise organizations are deploying the broadly applicable centralized storage caching solutions from Gear6 to achieve these significant performance gains, protect existing investments, avoid over-provisioning and guarantee high quality-of-service.

The D. E. Shaw group, an investment and technology development firm widely recognized as a pioneer in computational financial analysis, relies on quantitative models that maximize expected returns while controlling risk using applications demanding real-time performance for time sensitive investment opportunities.