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Gear6 Shifts Into Caching

Gear6 has finally shipped the caching appliance it's been promising for over a year, revealing an intriguing device with a whopping pricetag. (See Gear6 Shifts Out of Neutral.)

Gear6 says its new Cachefx, which accelerates NAS devices by caching files from RAM, is already shipping and in production with six customers. The device operates in the data path on an Ethernet link (with support for 10 Gbit/s) between NAS filers and storage. Current capacity is 256 Gbytes, with plans to scale to 5 Tbytes.

The goal of Cachefx is to improve performance of NFS file delivery on disk-based NAS systems. A version of the product supporting block-based storage such as iSCSI is on the roadmap, Gear6 says.

Gear6 claims the appliance can deliver 250,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS), 2-16 Gbit/s throughput (thanks to compression developed in house and with open-source tools), and microsecond response time.

Customers using Cachefx can always revert to a cacheless state. "Direct access without caching is always available," says VP of marketing Gary Orenstein.

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