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Gear6 Expands With G100

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Gear6, accelerating I/O for real time application performance, today announced the launch of the CACHEfx G100 scalable caching appliance. This product expands the reach of centralized storage caching to a broader customer base in need of rebalancing their existing storage configurations to lower total system costs, increase I/O performance, reduce rack space, and cut expensive energy consumption. The G100 delivers the same feature set and capabilities as the full CACHEfx product line in a more compact and lower cost configuration. The new appliance is designed for customers requiring moderate bandwidth and cache capacity looking to cut costs and simplify configurations for performance oriented storage. CACHEfx appliances scale easily as modular building blocks, allowing customers to cost-effectively start small and scale as you grow” as performance requirements increase.

“A common refrain I hear from IT customers is do more with what you have, or do more with less, particularly when addressing power, cooling, floor-space and environmental (PCFE) issues…all without compromising performance,” said Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst at the StorageIO Group. “There is growing awareness that accomplishing more per unit of energy, for example transactions per watt, or IOPS per watt, results in better efficiency and is key to boosting storage utilization without negatively impacting application performance and response time. Gear6 seems to be listening with the release of its G100 caching appliance that addresses the practical metrics truly important to data center managers.”