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Gear6 Enhances Software

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Gear6, accelerating storage for real time application performance, today announced a powerful suite of tools to understand, improve, and manage I/O performance. Reflex OS, powering CACHEfxTM scalable caching appliances, provides a centralized view of data traffic between NFS clients and servers. As a result, system administrators now have unprecedented visibility into workload profiles to diagnose performance problems and also correct them. Typically, profiling tools are restricted to identifying performance issues but require separate problem resolution through manual intervention. With its combination of fine grained statistics and intelligent caching, the CACHEfx appliance uniquely integrates the ability to identify and fix I/O performance problems on the fly.

The tightly integrated analytics of CACHEfx appliances provide deep insight into application I/O patterns from a central viewpoint without relying on agents,” said Martin Patterson, vice president of engineering, Gear6. “By combining a high level picture of application behavior plus a detailed NFS operations breakdown, administrators can quickly diagnose and resolve storage performance issues.”