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Gartner: Beware Storage 'Greenwash'

Users need to get past vendors marketing spiel about Green IT, and focus on key near-term technologies to make their data centers more eco-friendly. This was the message from analyst firm Gartner, which warned that "Green IT" is fast becoming a “used and abused” term.

“Market ‘greenwash’ by vendors will continue in this rapidly changing segment of the industry,” explained Gartner analyst Rakesh Kumar, in a research report released this week, adding that 70 percent of the Global 1000 will run into data center problems during the next four years.

With some vendors resorting to hype, exaggeration of the problems, and even pushing “inappropriate” technologies, Kumar urges users to focus their immediate attention on technologies such as virtualization and energy-efficient servers and processors.

”Gartner research has shown that the immediate Green IT issues are around power, cooling, and floor space problems in data centers and office environments,” he writes. “We believe, therefore, that user spending should focus in those areas.”

During the next two or more years, the analyst firm urges users to select core IT hardware, such as servers, storage, and networking equipment, based on its energy characteristics, as well as on traditional IT metrics such as price and performance.

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