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Funk Debuts New RADIUS Enterprise Security Server

Funk Software has released the newest version of its security server, designed to let enterprises enforce a uniform network access security policy across a variety of access methods, including VPNs, WLANs, and remote access.

The newest version of Steel-Belted Radius, v5.0, adds a revamped administration program and new reporting capabilities, which Funk says can provide enhanced security, easier, more streamlined management, and granular control over who can access the network and how they access it.

The server can help manage and secure wireless LAN (WLAN), remote/VPN, and/or identity-based (wired 802.1X) networking access. It integrates into an enterprise's network infrastructure, regardless of equipment vendor or authentication scheme.

"There is a upsurge in strong authentication occurring in the market today across all industries. RADIUS servers continue to be a critical component of any 802.1X-based infrastructure," Earl Perkins, vice president of Security & Risk Strategies at META Group said in a statement. "To take full advantage of 802.1X access technologies, in wireless or wired environments, enterprises will have to choose a RADIUS server that meets some fairly robust performance and security requirements, yet is still relatively easy to deploy and maintain."

Steel-Belted Radius v5.0 is available in separate versions for Windows XP/2000/NT and Solaris. Pricing for new customers is $4,995 per server for the Enterprise Edition and $12,000 per server for the Global Enterprise Edition. For customers not covered by a current annual maintenance and support contract, the upgrade to Steel-Belted Radius/Enterprise Edition costs $1,400; to Global Enterprise Edition, $3,500.