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Fujitsu Fires Up File-Based Storage

Fujitsu is taking a swipe at rival NetApp by teaming up with clustered NAS specialist ONStor around file-based storage.

Under the terms of a deal announced this week, Fujitsu will resell ONStors Bobcat NAS Gateway on its Eternus systems. The vendors are touting the hardware as a midrange alternative to NetApp’s 3000 Series devices, which handle both block and file-level storage.

“Traditionally, the Eternus product was a block-level device and was not able to support CIFS and NFS-type file-based access,” says Tom Gallivan, ONStor’s senior vice president of global sales. “This broadens the total available market for the Eternus offering for customers looking for a combination of both technologies.”

Fujitsu admits that CIFS and NFS capabilities were a missing piece in its Eternus jigsaw, particularly at a time when users are looking for a combination of block and file-based storage.

“We see this as a requirement in almost every major request for proposal or procurement today,” says Dave Egan, Fujitsu’s senior vice president of storage. “I don’t think we have seen [an RFP] in the last year that didn’t have a requirement for both.”

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