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Mgm't 101+

Hunter Metatek's column "You're Not Fired!" (Jan. 20, 2005) reminds me of a college course I took on human behavior in complex organizations. The professor required us to come up with creative solutions to work- related problems. Anything was possible other than intentionally creating more work or firing anyone.

The first few weeks were difficult. But in time, we learned about "third heart" feelings, about emotions, about approaches that were so against the Management 101 stuff.

In discussing employee David Lightman's situation at ACME, Metatek gives no indication that anyone tried to understand why Lightman's work was falling short. Could it be that Lightman was caring for a chronically ill child at home? Or that he had personal issues with marketing vice president Chuck Slick?

Perhaps Lightman would have been better suited for another position within the company. Maybe he could have been a tremendous help in marketing, but was never given the chance for lack of credentials.

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