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Force10 Joins Aruba, Avaya

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Force10 Networks, the pioneer in building and securing reliable networks, today announced that it is joining with Aruba Networks (NASDAQ:ARUN), StillSecure® and Avaya to deliver reliable network solutions that ensure the enterprise can flexibly adapt to emerging applications. The Force10 purpose-built enterprise ecosystem optimizes the interaction between the network and the critical enterprise services, such as voice, mobility and security, based on unique customer evaluation criteria.

“Enterprises are increasingly depending on their networks as a strategic asset and require optimized networking solutions to support the higher performance value expected of the network,” said Stephen Garrison, vice president of marketing at Force10 Networks. “With the purpose-built ecosystem, Force10 and its partners provide a clear best-of-breed ecosystem that enables businesses to flexibly architect their networks based on the applications the network supports today and will need to support in the future.”

As applications evolve and new ones emerge, IT managers are constantly challenged to build a network that can flexibly respond to new and often unknown requirements. By building a unified network fabric that extends pervasive reliability, network control and scalability from the data center to the wiring closet, IT managers can build the flexibility and application readiness into their network to ensure it is a strategic asset. This is the Reliable Business Network.

The purpose-built ecosystem is crucial to the Reliable Business Network, allowing customers to optimize their key services according to their unique evaluation criteria. With proven interoperability throughout the ecosystem, Force10 and its partners not only provide optimized solutions but also eliminate the uncertainty of deploying a best-of-breed solution. To build truly reliable business networks that are application ready and can provide long-term investment protection, it is essential to build the network for specific business requirements.

Force10 Networks Inc.

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