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Five Things You Didn't Know About Apple's iPod

Apple's massively popular music player has practically spawned a blogosphere all its own, with sites devoted to uncovering the latest hacks as well as contrary blogs that sing the praises of iPod alternatives.

Meanwhile, Steve Jobs and company aren't sitting still, continuing to expand the iPod ecosystem with accessories to stoke sales.

However, buried amid all that information are some little-known facts and helpful workarounds that can help you get more mileage out of your music experience. Accordingly, we bring you five things you might not know about the iPod.

You can replace the iPod's battery yourself.

Problems with the iPod's battery became big news when an underground video, "iPod's Dirty Secret" was posted on the Web in late 2003. The video detailed New York artist Casey Neistat's claim that his iPod battery wouldn't hold a charge and Apple wouldn't fix it, suggesting instead that he buy a new iPod. The video, which cost $40 to make, got over a million hits and spawned stories in the Washington Post, and on Fox News and CBS.

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