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Fios Boasts E-Discovery Success

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fios Inc., delivering comprehensive discovery management services for organizations compelled to produce electronically stored information (ESI), today announced financial and growth results for fiscal year 2007. Revenue for 2007 more than doubled revenue generated in 2006 and exceeded the 2007 predicted growth rate of 28%1 for the e-discovery market by more than 250 percent. To support the company’s momentum and market demand for its services, Fios made significant investments and advancements in its e-discovery services, technology infrastructure and executive management team.

“Fios’ success over the past year is a testament to our focus in helping clients reduce the costs and risks associated with every phase of the e-discovery process,” said Gerald Massey, president and CEO of Fios. “We look forward to building upon this momentum and adding new services that help corporations cost-effectively and defensibly address the constantly changing e-discovery requirements dictated by the courts, regulatory agencies and the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).”

Fios Inc.