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Finisar Intros Enterprise Monitor

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Building on the industry's most powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing storage area networks, Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR) introduced NetWisdom(R) Enterprise Rover, a family of intelligent monitoring and analysis solutions capable of spanning across all SAN links within today's enterprise data centers. Offering real-time, line-rate support for 4 Gb/s FC SAN infrastructures, the new Rover functionality integrates physical layer switching technology with monitoring and analysis capabilities of NetWisdom Enterprise to deliver a cost-effective approach to complete SAN link protection and optimization.

Finisar's proven NetWisdom Enterprise monitoring solution gives SAN administrators the ability to diagnose, analyze and prevent application outages and brownouts that increasingly plague today's complex, multi-vendor data centers. NetWisdom provides both real-time and trended insight into application latency and bandwidth consumption, resulting in early detection and advanced notification of link and device failures, congestion, errors, and other critical SAN problems.

"Enterprises are expanding the scale and complexity of their SANs as they connect a wider range of servers and storage systems in their data centers, and they need to quickly detect hidden problems and identify the root cause of known issues," said Richard Villars, vice president of Storage Systems research at IDC. "Solutions like Finisar's NetWisdom Enterprise that provide independent monitoring and analysis of complex multi-vendor SANs and the heterogeneous systems connected to them will play a key role in optimizing application availability and performance."

NetWisdom Enterprise Rover solutions utilize advanced switching and sampling technology to extend NetWisdom Enterprise's SAN monitoring and analysis capabilities across the entire SAN infrastructure. By providing end-user flexibility for the number of links monitored and the frequency of coverage, NetWisdom Rovers leverage a customer's investment in monitoring tools. The Rover can increase the number of links that can be monitored with a single probe and can prioritize and optimize coverage based on how critical a link is to an organization's operations. Rovers bring cost-effective protection to all tiers of storage infrastructure, with the most critical links fully instrumented 24x7 while less critical storage links, such as near-line systems, may be sampled for errors and pending failures. The goal is to ensure the highest level of application availability.

"The business value of a company's applications and information ultimately determines the budget for monitoring its SAN infrastructure," said Paul Hansen, vice president of marketing, Network Tools, Finisar. "Now with NetWisdom Enterprise Rovers we can eliminate 'fabric blindness' across the entire SAN by monitoring every link according to the value it brings to an organization."

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