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Exponential Storage

As users wrestle with spiraling volumes of digital data, mysterious Maryland startup Exponential Storage is building a file-sharing solution targeted at the military and government sectors.

At the moment, though, Exponential remains cloaked in secrecy, and the company's Website provides scant details about the startup and its technology. "We're trying to keep a fairly low profile," explained Wick Keating, Exponential's founder and CEO, when Byte and Switch tracked him down today. The firm's product, he adds, is still at the testing stage and will not be on the market until the second half of this year.

The exec would not reveal the exact nature of the startup's government work, although he confirmed that it is likely to involve the storage of digital images from satellites and reconnaissance aircraft. The Annapolis-based firm, he added, is already involved with the Chesapeake Innovation Center, a government-backed technology incubator with links to the National Security Agency.

The CEO did confirm that Exponential is developing software that will be bundled with off-the-shelf storage hardware and sold to users looking to handle large volumes of digital data. "We have been able to take advantage of 64-bit processors and 10-Gbit/s Ethernet," he says.

The startup's reliance on 10-Gbit/s Ethernet suggests that it will be offering some form of clustered solution, although Keating pointedly refused to comment on this. Other vendors touting products in this space include Ibrix, PolyServe, and BlueArc, which recently signed a partnership deal with HDS. (See Alexa Adopts Ibrix, Ibrix Joins EMC Select, and PolyServe Partners With 3PAR.)

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