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Exinda Intros x800 Appliances

BOSTON -- Exinda Networks, the leading provider of Unified Performance Management (UPM) solutions, today launched its second generation application acceleration solutions for its x800 product family. The new products are easier to install and accelerate mission critical applications on corporate networks more efficiently and at higher speeds.

With a steep increase in the number of corporate applications and employees growing reliance on Web services to conduct business, solving poor application performance has emerged as a top challenge for network managers. Exinda's new x800 appliances solve applications performance problems by accelerating critical applications, eliminating redundant data and prioritizing network traffic traversing the wide area network (WAN).

The x800 products are part of Exinda’s UPM solutions that combine WAN optimization, application acceleration, application visibility and application response measurement onto a single appliance to achieve predictable application performance. New features of the products include:

  • Auto discovery
  • A new hybrid caching capability
  • Application acceleration up to 155 Megabits/second (Mbps.) bi-directionally
  • A new acceleration module for HTTP traffic.

The auto discovery feature simplifies the appliance installation by eliminating time consuming, complex configurations. Network managers can simply plug in the intelligent appliance and all devices in the network auto discover each other, an important step for accelerating applications between corporate locations. With the new products, broad scale application acceleration projects are easier to tackle because little training and minimal IT resources are required.

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