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Exchange. Again.

Yes, you guessed it. Our exchange server puked while Steve and I were in Las Vegas for Networld+Interop so you know what I did all morning.
Fix exchange. It was evident that I needed to move the MTADATA directory to another - much larger - drive. So I googled the issue and found the following KB Article at Microsoft: XCON: How to Change the Location of the MTA Database and Run Directory. Fair warning, it does involve registry editing but the good news is that it's only 2 entries and it's fairly painless.
The pain begins later. I scrupulously followed the instructions and then tried to mount the primary message store. Nope. Not gonna happen. Apparently I needed even MORE disk space. So I moved the log files ( MDBDATA ) to the bigger drive and then crossed my fingers. Wham! Message stores mounted and Exchange appears to be happily running without complaint. We'll see if this fixes the problem in, oh, about 2 days.
I also spent time installing W2K and SQL Server 2000 on one of our Dell 2650 servers in preparation to install the winner of our CRM review. Yes, I know who it is, but I'm not telling. Yet.