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Exabyte VXA-320

Setting up the autoloader was simple. It comes with everything you need to connect it to your target machine except a SCSI card. We dug one up with the correct connector size, popped it into a dual-processor Intel machine running Windows 2003 and then played with drivers.

I ran into an interesting problem: Windows 2003 wouldn't let me install drivers, but then most tape drives don't require drivers. So I rebooted the machine for cleanliness and ran Yosemite. My tape changer showed up, correctly identified and ready to go.

Yosemite lets you rotate tapes in the autoloader. I tested this by identifying and formatting them in the VXA-320 PacketLoader and then setting a schedule to use the three smaller tapes Exabyte provided for daily backups and the one included larger tape for weekly backups. It worked without a glitch.


• Affordable price
• High-density tapes
• Easy to use


• No bundled backup software
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