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Evening from Hell

The Netbotz environmental monitoring in the lab began to send me email yesterday afternoon, telling me that the lab was up to about 95 degrees. Oh, boy. I was busy, so I called Lori who when down there and shut most of the lab down. I should have had her check the air conditioning condenser, because I started getting emails again around eight oclock. I ran down to the lab at about 11:30 at night. The air conditioner was dead as a doornail. I got our HVAC vendor, J&D down to take a look at it, but the unit had blown a breaker. Turns out the breaker was in a locked room in our building I don't have access too. After about an hour of calling, Joyce from KOS Realty came by and unlocked it for us.
Turns out the cottonwood had completely clogged the air conditioner, causing it to overload and blow the breaker. Joyce had to run to one of their apartment complexes and get us a 100ft hose to hook up to the nearest spigot. Jim from J&D then cleaned and serviced the unit. By morning the lab was back to about 72 degrees and still dropping. It was three in the morning before I got home. Gah.
I will update you guys if there is anymore facilities fun to be had. Take care.