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Emerging Enterprise: Security

If you don't have a security policy, no matter how small your shop, you need one. Period. And it must have teeth--even the best-designed security system is useless if employees circumvent it with impunity.

data encryption. We've been barraged with horror stories: A box of backup tapes goes missing; tapes disappear in transit; a group of tapes is logged and listed as on the shelf, but that space is empty. People get fired, the press gets wind of it, and all hell breaks loose.

The good news is, you can be proactive. A stolen tape is less of a ticking bomb if the data on it is encrypted, and encryption is available from several affordable sources.

» Data-encrypting tape drives. The first tape drives to encrypt in hardware, such as Sun's T10000, were announced recently, and more are on the way. Encryption becomes a no-brainer because these tapes encrypt as they write. If the data is compressed by your backup software before encryption occurs, they may not lengthen your backup window, either.

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